Hotel Bellariva


Hotel Bellariva is a mix of comfort, modern sensibility, extraordinary style with an exceptional level of service in a unique, contemporary, and friendly environment.
Located on the west bend of Lake Garda and enclosed by the small Port of Fasano, Hotel Bellariva blends the character of a historical hotel with a simple yet sophisticated, design sensibility.

Originally built in 1904 by Giuseppe Cipani, it was the only hotel managed by Italians in the area. During the Social Republic period, it was used as a hotel for German ambassadors. Today, it offers a pristine and breathtaking landscape of Lake Garda and the surrounding hills.

The 23 rooms, including 8 suites, are unique in style and their simplicity. Each room is characterized by quality with refined materials such as the oak brush floor for the bedroom, soft and natural toned fabrics, and the marble bathrooms that each are available with a bathtub and/or rainfall shower. Each of our rooms has wide windows that offer different intimate views: the lake, the local port, our floral garden and shore, or the small church of Fasano.

Punti di forza

Our strengths


Hospitality centered on the minimal characteristic because we aim to satisfy each of our guests’ requests.
A certain ambient calmness and serenity will surround you during your stay.
Our high regard and respect for quality ingredients and the Italian tradition which are the cornerstone to our kitchens and restaurant.

Bellariva Studio Room
Bellariva Restaurant
Riva Carne al Fuoco
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